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  • Designed for dabbing
  • High THC concentrate
  • CBD rich concentrate
  • Recommended for those with high THC tolerance
  • High quality guaranteed


A concentrate that's designed for dabbing or can be used with blunts and joints, Diamond Wax is named for its crystalline appearance, looking and feeling more solid than alternatives such as crumble wax.


Unlike other concentrates but much like other waxes, this is a solid substance rather than a liquid. Made from high-quality Whtie Runtz strain, this is effectively a form of highly distilled and concentrated buds, with optimized THC and CBD levels of the best possible high.


Like other forms of wax, Diamond Wax can be taken in different ways based on your preferences. Some people will combine it with blunts or joints, breaking it up into small pieces that can be sprinkled over the tobacco and cannabis filling.


The combination of the two forms of cannabis can make for an even more potent kind of high. Otherwise, some people will use it for dabbing. This involves breaking off a piece of Diamond Wax and putting it in a dabbing kit, a sort of specialized bong.


Inside, a heating element heats up the wax, which causes it to evaporate into a potent mist. If you're new to Diamond Wax, it's a good thing to note that it's a very strong form of THC and CBD, made from high-quality strains and refined to ensure the highest content of cannabinoids. It's entirely safe to consume, but you might want to take it slow with this one, as it's suggested for users with a high tolerance already.

Cigalar's Diamond Wax


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