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  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Dominant terpene: Limonene
  • Leaves you feeling relaxed and tingly
  • Flavor profile of butter, pine, and skunk


A rare blend, the White Truffle Strain has a name that benefits its status, as well as its look. This indica-dominant hybrid strain is an offshoot of the Gorilla Butter strain.


It's perfectly named, not only for its relative rarity and the top-class experience of smoking it, but also thanks to its appearance. The white trichomes of this strain make its buds particularly recognizable, a great advertisement for the top-quality head high that comes as soon as you take your first puff of this high THC strain.


The White Truffle Strain takes just as much effort to cultivate at the hands of cannabis growers as white truffles take to find in the world. However, many people find the efforts to be well worth it, as this is one of the best stress-relieving strains you're likely to find, with an extremely relaxing head high that also has the effects of leaving your body feeling tingly.


Some people experience a slightly flirty rush as their mood improves after just a puff of this hybrid. Strong as it is, there's an immediate aroma of skunk that comes when you come into contact with one of the nugs of the White Truffle Strain.


It has a somewhat earthy aroma, with the dominant flavors beyond that being pine and a little bit of butter, thanks to the dominant terpene limonene. A one-of-a-kind high, this strain has well earned its name and reputation.

White Truffle


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