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What's Next?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Welcome back people! Hope alls well out there. Today I've been informed that somthing great is happening with marijuana in the U.S. and I don’t know whether to be excited or scared? If you’re a reader of my blogs, you know my partners and I started this company a year ago. At that time things leaned more on the iffy side of the legalities of cannabis in New York and pretty much most of the country. Well, prior to that it took a year just to get to the starting line. The whole time we talked about how great this brand was going to be. And about how we’re going to all the conventions, and how “when and if this go’s federally legal!” We could only dream of the things that can happen for us and our customers. Recently, the President of the United States Joe Biden, in his own words said now is the time to make good for those who were convicted of non violent federal marijuana related crimes to be vindicated with a pardon. He also recommends that the states do the same.

This will bring us another step closer to the federal legalization of marijuana. You may notice that the blog before this one titled “I’m just a bill” speaks of how that bill still sits on Capitol Hill. The bill has been introduced some time ago and is a bi partisan effort in congress. Not to mention that an extremely large majority of Americans are all for it. I also mentioned in that blog how it feels like marijuana is already legal across the country. See when I’m writing these blogs it takes some research on my part and in the mitts of doing the research I read and hear of all the things that are taking place on the legislative side of what’s happening with marijuana. This brings me to my first statement above. I don’t know whether to be excited or scared?

The excitement could only come from the fact that I know that it won’t be long till that bill actually becomes a law, and I’ve dreamed of that day. The fear comes from the fact that those dreams might actually come true! Hence the question, what’s next? What happens when success in this industry happens? Are we ready for it? Are all the dreams I have for myself and my children really going to come true? Yeah, if you’re me being excited and scared is exactly what I am. Can it be that my partners and I are getting closer to the promise land? What’s next? I guess only God knows. This blog is my shortest blog ever written. You might ask why? The answer is I don’t have the answer to that question, but I do know whatever comes next I’ll make myself ready! I got a lot to think about… Oz

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