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  • An indica-dominant hybrid of combining Wedding Cake and Boss OG
  • Famous for its relaxation- and giggle-inducing effects
  • Vanilla and diesel flavor with sweet and peppery notes
  • Glistening orange and green trichomes
  • Suitable for morning use due to its energizing properties


If you’re a big Wedding Cake cross lover, then Cake Boss could be just what the doctor ordered. This hybrid, which also includes Boss OG, is one of the most delightful strains out there, offering a bit of something for everyone.


As an indica-leaning herb, Cake Boss offers users a little bit of everything: relaxation, happiness, and euphoria. And with a THC content of over 30 percent and negligible CBD, it is one of the most potent leaves available.


Cake Boss isn’t afraid to party hard and test your nerves to the limit. Like any good child, Cake Boss inherits characteristics from both its parents. The Wedding Cake side makes users feel relaxed, hungry, and aroused while the Boss OG strain induces giggles and creativity.


The overall effect is a herb and offers a heady mixture of the two: excited but silly and inventive at the same time. In terms of flavor, Cake Boss is a mix of vanilla and diesel with sweet and peppery notes in the background.


Its main purpose is to help you have a good time, wherever you are. As such, it is not widely known for its medicinal or healing effects. Cake Boss makes you feel more alert, so it makes for an ideal morning strain.


However, its euphoria-inducing effects also come in handy in the evenings, too, if you plan to spend the night partying. Visually, Cake Boss features green and orange sparkling nugs. It looks like it’s going to work a charm – and it does, making it a great option for anyone who loves regular Wedding Cake.

Cake Boss


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