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  • Hybrid strain
  • Tastes of pine, lemon, and floral notes
  • Leaves smokers feeling energetic and positive
  • Dominant terpene is terpinolene


Sometimes, you want to be able to enjoy a smoke without it taking you out for half the day and when it comes to that, this Gmac Strain is a very popular choice, indeed.


Relatively high in THC content, this a strong hybrid between Capulator's famous MAC (or Miracle Alien Cookies) strain with some Sativa Colombian landrace strains.


As such, it has many of the same taste notes and the sensation of MAC, but in a Sativa-leaning hybrid that is a lot more energetic with a more active head high.


Many of the classic notes of the MAC family strains come through with each drag of this hybrid, with pine and citrus flavors being the first to rise to the top but, just beneath those, you can get a rather floral bouquet of scents and tastes as well.


As mentioned, this strain is designed to be a more active head high and, as such, doesn't leave you feeling overly tired or heavy unless you take a lot of this potent Gmac Strain, but it is known to make people feel inspired, energetic, and creative.


One of the smoother head highs out there, despite its relatively high THC.



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