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  • Flavor profile of pine, incense, and lemon
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Unknown terpene profile
  • MAC x Jack Herer
  • Leaves you feeling creative and inspired


Also known as Mac N Jack by some, the Mac Herer Strain is one of the rarer and more unique strains out there, thanks to its relative difficulty to breed, as well as the strong head high that it provides.


This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of the widely beloved MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) and Jack Herer. Comprised of thick, lace-green nugs brightened up by white crystals, it unearths a rich, pine smell as soon as you open the bag, inviting you to take on its particularly heady high.


This Sativa-dominant hybrid has an as-of-yet unknown terpene composition due to its relative rareness, but some of its aromas are very familiar to long-time smokers, with that pine-like scent underlined by notes of citrus. The head high that comes from the Mac Herer Strain can hit pretty strongly and suddenly, but typically has a nice soothing effect, reaching the head with a trance-like state that is perfect for delving into those deep thoughts.


Most people find that the Mac Herer Strain can leave them feeling a lot more relaxed, as well as feeling more creative and social. Some have also noted that it can feel great for motivating them to get on with creative works. If you have the opportunity to try this rare breed of two celebrity buds, you owe it to yourself.

Mac Herer