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New York City Cannabis Skyline


Three Fathers, Three Families,
One Vision for Cannabis 

Back in 2014, the Cigalar brand came into existence after a chance meeting between three entrepreneurs. We each believed that marijuana, tobacco and smoking in general needed to be upscaled, and it would take a high-end brand of our own to get it there. After brainstorming the Cigalar name, we went straight to copyrighting and certifying it. 

Cigalar lay dormant for a few years after that—not because we intended to sit on it, but because life was pulling us in three different directions. Whether it was business or personal, we each continued down our own paths, but our friendships, connection and vision remained intact, no matter how busy we got. Reconnecting by phone from time to time, we would see how our families were doing and our businesses were managing. And regardless of the mood or the subject, we would always return to the fact that one of these days Cigalar would be lit and set into motion. 

After six long years of gestating, we decided it was finally time—the world was ready. We came together, laying all our skills, talents and resources on the table, and hit the ignition on Cigalar. Late night dealings with overseas manufacturers, distributors and growers became the norm. We collaborated on concepts and designs, bringing them to 

life, and established contacts in different industries all across the U.S. We knew it was time to build a brand that could hold its own, and even shape the cannabis industry. 

As three fathers, we share a passion to create something unique in this world; to leave behind a legacy for our children. Since God brought us together, we decided to seize on the opportunity laid out before us. By bringing Cigalar to cannabis, we hope to inspire a generation of young entrepreneurs to chase their own dreams; to never give up on what they know is destined to be. We are the Cigalar brand, and we’re making our mark.

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