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NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- After seven long years in the making, the New York City-based, upscale cannabis company Cigalar officially unveils its brand website to the world. Having assembled a brand-exclusive lineup of top-tier CBD hemp, Delta 8 and THC-O products, Cigalar intends to upend the industry, and redefine the meaning of "euphoria." As a collaboration between three fathers, close friends and entrepreneurs, Cigalar brings a creative, synergistic energy to its products, packaging and marketing. "We see Cigalar as a symbol of trust and transparency, in that we want our customers knowing we have the purest, safest and rarest cannabis out there," said Mike Mack, a founder and partner of Cigalar. 

Among its all-star lineup of products, customers will find upwards of 29% CBD, Oregon-grown, organic hemp flower, nano-emulsified Delta 8 gummies, natural leaves, as well as five distinct THC-O disposable vapes. Standing by the potency of its cannabis, Cigalar provides COAs for its entire product line, and insists on only using the highest caliber Delta 8 THC and THC-O in its flowers, gummies, moonrocks, hashish and disposable vapes. As per the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, Cigalar may legally sell its organic, hemp-derived Delta 8 and THC-O products to anyone over the age of 21 (in 37 of the 50 United States). 

Unlike other competitors in the cannabis industry, Cigalar can defend the purity of its Delta 8 THC and THC-O, without any need for secrecy. The purity of its cannabis products, in Cigalar partner and founder Frank Nitty's own words, "comes down to the fact that we use Delta 8 and THC-O distillates instead of isolates. With distillates, you can eliminate the chance of any residues or contaminants and guarantee that you've safely converted all of your CBD to Delta 8 THC or THC-O."

Only a high-end, mobile-first eCommerce store would fit the Cigalar Brand and the quality of its cannabinoids. The founders hired local Brooklyn copywriter Tom di Mino, and the creative powerhouse of Web Nerds Media led by Emilio Aguilera in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to commission their site and imbue it with the personality and aesthetics it deserved. With its sleek, dark background, dynamic visuals, and exquisite copy, the Cigalar website is an online cannabis shopping experience all its own. 

"Being entrepreneurial at heart, Cigalar is all about encouraging people to share their passion and charisma for cannabis, and celebrate their own success at the same time," explained Oz Sanon, founder and partner of Cigalar. Anyone may apply to be a Cigalar brand ambassador, wholesale buyer, or affiliate directly on Cigalar's website. As the company grows, it envisions taking a community-driven approach to its online and in-person events, where customers will have first-dibs at the newest and hottest cannabis products out there.

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