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As an official Affiliate, your partnership with Cigalar works just a little differently. Affiliates are under a private business umbrella, so let's do business! We as a group believe in sharing the wealth; it's more fun if we all get to the top together! As businessmen and women, we can share our business platforms, supply chains and cannabis expertise with you.


If you own a website, a blog or an online store, earning more money through it is the basic goal, right? Affiliates can earn above our cap of 20% depending on your geographic and demographic of your customers. Your prices on your platform are your prices!


While we do recommend an MSRP for our products, their final price remains at your discretion. You still get all the same perks as our Brand Ambassadors, all the new comp products to try out, and all the access to all the good-time events! Yet, like true New Yorkers, we can work together on a barter system, too. At the end of the day, everybody wins.


Signing Up to Be an Distributor or Affiliate


Signing up is easy as a Brand Ambassador. Just fill out all the required fields below and we will do a short review of your social presence, and then offer you a starting percentage rate, as well as a unique promo code generated specifically for you. You can customize your unique promo code with us at any time. A basic simple agreement of our terms and conditions will be included in your sign up, officially welcoming you as a Brand Ambassador of Cigalar!


Affiliates interested in selling Cigalar products on their own sites or stores will enter the same information with the addition of their business name, address, and EIN number as a registered business in the US.

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