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Brand Ambassador/Influencer

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We designed this collaborative program for "you", all of our friends, fans and customers, to strengthen your ties with us, and bring in some passive residual income by simply doing what you love every day.


How it Works!


As a Brand Ambassador of Cigalar, you have an opportunity to turn charisma into cash! Today, the world and the hustle is different. Social media platforms have become an outlet not only to express yourself, your thoughts and ideas, but also a place where you can earn some extra coin while you're at it!


That's where we come in!


When you sign up and get accepted as a Cigalar Brand Ambassador, you receive your own unique promo code for our website. Whenever a purchase is made with that code, you earn up to 20% commission on that sale (of profit).


Now it does require a bit of work on your side! But what we mean by "work" is like we mentioned before. We want you to do what you do everyday! Showcase our Cigalar products on your social media platforms. Bust out your best photographer skills, using and sharing our products. liking and commenting on our social media posts as well. As an official Brand Ambassador of Cigalar, your job is to spread the word about this new, upscale cannabis brand taking the world by storm.


Perks of Being a Cigalar Ambassador


As an ambassador, you also get to enjoy some perks unique to Cigalar, like:


  • Complimentary products, as well as some you can purchase at our exclusive team member discount to grow and expand your earnings and business.


  • Access as a VIP guest to any and upcoming Cigalar brand events, including complimentary samples of all new and upcoming products.


Your earnings can continue to grow with every hashtag, every post, and every flier you get out there. The point is to get all your followers using your promo code when they shop at Cigalar. You do this right and the Internet will make you money as you sleep.


Choosing Your Ambassador Starter Kit


As a Cigalar Brand Ambassador or Influencer, the potential to earn money while you sleep is limitless (and goes across timezones). As long as we're in business, you're in business! Relationships with our ambassadors are important to us, so we take them seriously. We want you to take us seriously, too.


We created two tiers of Cigalar starter kits, at $50 and $100, with all the right tools, strains and cannabinoids to instantly level you up, and familiarize you with our cannabis brand.


Now you might be saying, "Of course, here's the catch," and we don't blame you! We’d probably feel the same way! What you will realize, however, is that we’re looking for serious people we can grow with—people who recognize a quality cannabis brand when they see it, and want to seize upon a chance to invest in themselves and their financial freedom. The only thing we’re “catching” is the same dream all entrepreneurs are after, and we're here to help you catch it too.


Depending on your budget, you can choose between:


Your $50 Cigalar Starter Kit



Your $100 Cigalar Starter Kit


  • Three tubes with 3 cones

  • 3.5 gram bags of three different CBD flowers

  • Three natural leaf packs

  • Four plastic grinders (60 mm and 40mm)

  • One signature metal grinder

  • Two Cigalar Brand trays, One USB lighter

  • 1 gram of 30% Delta 8 THC Moonrocks

  • One pack of Delta 8 THC gummies (5 count, 75mg)

Your Free Option


Some of our Cigalar Ambassadors may not have the funds to jump straight into a starter kit, and we get that, too. You supply the passion, and we’ll supply all the high-res photography of our bud, gummies, leaves, and smoking accessories. When you reach $500 in sales, we’ll send you your own $50 Cigalar Starter Kit; when you reach $1000, we’ll send the $100 one, all for free.

The $50 Cigalar Brand Ambassador Starter Kit
The $100 Cigalar Brand Ambassador Starter Kit

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