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At What Age Is Weed Appropriate?

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Hello people! Guess who’s bizzack? (In my Jay-Z voice). Today I want to talk about what we as grown folks consider the appropriate age for young people to start smoking weed. Now i know this topic is going to be somewhat controversial. Reason being that at the end of the day It’s only an opinion. Parents have the last say on what age they feel is the proper age for their own kids to try or start smoking weed. I’m going to toss my two cents in the mix and hope that some of the readers don’t hate me for it, but feel me for it. So here we go.

As a parent I think about my children’s lives today compared to mine like most parents do, and the generational gap inevitably plays a part on how i view things. My parents came to America from Haiti in 1969. Actually they flew from Haiti to french speaking Canada and met as college students in Montreal. After 2 years my mom made her way to New York and 2 years later my dad followed. Now if you know anything about Haitian parents especially back then, they were very strict! I can see all the Haitians reading this nodding their heads saying… yup! So needless to say smoking weed was so far from even a thought, much less actually smoking it. I’m in my 40’s and I still won’t smoke anything in front of my parents, or my aunts, uncles or any family members of the generation before me.I know what your thinking and yeah it waa like that! Growing up in New York in the 80’s It was about an 85% chance that you’d end up eventually running the streets and living the street life. My friends and cousins were the crew and we got into everything the streets had to offer, but that didn’t necessarily mean using everything the streets had to offer. We were hustlers we sold certain things but dam sure didn’t use them, if ya’ know what I mean? One of those things we didn’t use was marijuana in the early 80’s marijuana was sort of taboo. Only Jamaicans and the older cats on the block smoked weed. We looked at them like aaaah? “They're weed heads” and that wasn’t considered a good thing back then. Eventually weed started to get more popular in the city. It took me going into the military stationed in Seattle of all places, to try weed for the first time with my military brother @Natburnz formally known as Big Chuck back then. I was 19 yrs old.

So this brings us to the topic at hand. What is the appropriate age to “allow” Our youth to smoke weed? Since this is a blog and not a chat I’ll give you my take on it. As I am in the business and have lived long enough to see some potential things that do alarm me, keeping in mind that I’m also a dad. On are brand and pretty much most reputable brands. We label our packaging with a must be 21 and older to use warning. Now we all know that most young people smoking weed today are nowhere near 21. It’s way more tolerated due to that fact that parents today are younger spirited then the prior generation. If we’re being honest even the older generation like “us” (just keeping it 100) are smoking too. When I see how the internet has young people zapped in and lost into everything going on, on the web. Tack that on with smoking weed; in my opinion, it slows kids down. Their ambitions begin to fade and the dreams we have for our youth go’s right along with it. Now don’t get me wrong. Weed can inspire creativity there’s no doubt about it.Yet at the same time, weed can also fog innovation. Innovation takes a lot more of a precision mind to work. So I believe that being a responsible parent and advocate for the great things weed can do in the advancements in medical and recreational weed. I would say 19 is a comfortable age, and not because I was 19 when I fist smoked the Buda Bless, but because I was out of high school. I at least was lucky enough to go through the most important and delicate growth and educational transition of a young person’s life with a clear mind. It’s a shot right in the middle , not too young and not too old. It becomes an actual decision at that point. No peer pressure, No desire to be cool or fit in. At 19 and out of high school your choice to smoke weed is totally your own. In all reality, who am I to tell you not to? That’s my take on it. Feel me? I just believe that a young clouded mind can lead to a clouded future. Let me know what you think in our blog chats. And don’t be afraid to hold the rings on your kids a little tighter as long as you can. Oz

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