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Hemp Based Product Packaging For All?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Hello family and fellow cannabis enthusiasts! As a New York based cannabis dispensary we like to keep our followers informed on what’s going on when it comes to cannabis in our fare city. We found something we feel is interesting and yet silly at the same time. Being what we like to call the center of the universe, it seems that New York legislators have come with an idea that we must admit is pretty cool. Some things that should have been obvious from the start, but not too many people in the New York senate are thinking outside the box until now! To help facilitate and get us closer to recreational use. A bill has been sent forward stating that all cannabis product packaging must be hemp based.

Sen. Michelle Hinchey (D) filed the bill earlier this month, making the case that hemp represents an environmentally friendlier alternative to synthetic plastics. She said setting a standard where the crop is utilized for adult-use marijuana packaging would also support businesses in the burgeoning hemp market.

Under the proposal, the state’s Cannabis Control Board would be required to “develop strategic plans detailing the primary use of industrial hemp for packaging and labeling requirements to be used prior to the retail sale of any cannabis or cannabis product to a cannabis consumer.”

Further, the legislation calls for the establishment of a “Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Incubator Program” to provide financial incentives for businesses to create “compostable and biodegradable cannabis packaging materials.” Participants in the program would need to make packaging that contains at least 30 percent hemp. We say that this is an ingenious concept.

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