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I’m BaaaacK!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

"Welcome back to that same old place that we laughed about!"

Hello people,

Some of you may have no idea about the photo above. Oddly enough it's an old TV show from the 70's when i was kid called " Welcome back Kotter" It's the story of a great high-school teacher working in the inner city trying to pull these young minority boys out of their struggles and teaching them life lessons along the way. I chose this header cause it reflects two things! My come back to the blogs and the idea of teaching our people how we can help each other rise out of poverty no matter where you're from.

So here it is from me to you!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been gone. I know you all had to deal with some of the last blogs. They were more so for information purposes and growth of our SEO positions as we continue to build this company. That being said, I’m back to drop some jewels on you all in hopes that I can inspire you to start your own business, chase your dreams, or simply enhance your current business and maybe a friends.

Now the reason I’m doing this is because my partners and I have been working tirelessly to build this brand and let me tell ya’ It aint easy. For over two years now, we’ve been at it day and night creating new products, designing packaging, taking meetings, working the day to day operations, customer service actions and calls, shooting new content, getting with influencers and constantly adding on to an ever evolving website to provide the best quality cannabis products and experience we can provide.

I also have been inspired by what I’m beginning to see a new trend of minority celebrities, businessmen and women, athletes, entrepreneurs and influencers offering to do what they can to help lift each other out of the struggle and help to build generational wealth. This uptrend in assistance as a people is what we need. The crabs in the bucket mentality has got to go! Rather than pulling each other down we have to make efforts to pull each other up and out of struggle.

During this time away from the blogs, I’ve learned more about the business itself, taken on more responsibility and have taken steps to add a layer at a time in the efforts to make this cake as we move forward. In our last few blogs we highlighted three strains that are all the rave in the cannabis world. Purple Runtz, Grapes and Cream, and Animal Cookies. These are only three of the variety of strains we feature on our site.

We reviewed all our strains to make sure we live up to our brand guarantee of only top-quality cannabis. In an attempt to upscale the cannabis experience, we’ve made sure to infuse a lifestyle that sets us apart from the very colorful world of THC products that seem to blend into the background. This venture has taught me a lot, not only about cannabis but about a business model featuring total transparency.

What my partners see, I see. What they have access to. I have access to, and we hold each other accountable. We’ve also learned that along the way, we need to look back and lift our community. So I say to all of you out there working on your own projects. Keep going, and remember to look over your shoulder from time to time. When you see that person or group of persons working hard on their dreams, give em' a boost of support, repost, shout it out , tell a friend and purchase something you can afford. If we are not our brothers keeper than who is?

Your Boy



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