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Living To Die In America

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Hello People. Today this Blog won’t be about our favorite little pleasure Marijuana. It’s going to be about our even more favorite little pleasures, our children. We don’t take it lightly and we're sure you all would agree when it comes to our kids. Even if you’re not a parent you’re an auntie or an uncle you still love them the same. On Tuesday May 24th, a man walks into Robb Elementary School and kills 19 children and two adults. This so-called “Man” was actually an 18 year old kid. In the eyes of the law you're considered an adult at the age of 18. The reality is, in the eyes of a parent you're still a kid. I know when I was 18, I didn’t feel like a man, I didn’t think like a man and I didn’t act like a man. My dad was all those things not me! Yet and still an 18 year old can walk into a gun store and buy a high powered killing machine. At the same time, can’t buy a drink. Can someone tell me how that makes sense? Here’s a fun fact you might not be aware of. The United States has had 230 mass shootings in 2022 and its only May. There’s only 365 days in a year, you do the math. Our government and state officials haven’t and most likely won’t do a damn thing about it! Democrats and most of all Republicans. It’s been a long time since Columbine. Since that time so many children have lost their lives to these mass shootings and gun violence. It’s so hard to fathom that these politicians wouldn’t do everything they can to work together to save the lives of children. The Democrats have been making somewhat of a fight to save the children and the Republicans are more concerned with saving the guns.

Oh! Another fun fact in almost all the school mass shootings except for one, the gun of choice used to take the lives of ten year olds and teens at that, we still see them as babies in our eyes, that’s right, you guessed it! The AR15… A weapon designed for war, a weapon with a bullet that’s about 2 inches long after it leaves the casing. I want you to imagine that large bullet piercing through the soft flesh of a child knocking them out of their shoes and ripping through their backs on the way out and through the next!

Now I know It’s tough to read and see it in your mind as I described it. I did that intentionally, I did it so that you can imagine your own little girl or boy in their classrooms being ripped to shreds by some stranger with a stupid issue or was told they were inferior cause of the color of their skin, or my personal favorite, they're doing this in the name of God. What God do you worship bruh? The one that tells you to go shoot innocent children?

I wrote all this in that terrifying detail so you can get angry, so that you the reader can get angry enough to do something, angry enough to vote these NRA tea baggers out of office. See these Republicans don’t care because it’s not their children being killed, so why should they go against their largest donors? Well ask yourself these questions. What’s the price tag on your child’s life? What could the NRA pay you to allow your kids to be the target rather than theirs? You and I both know the answer. The last question is. What can I do to play my part so this won’t happen to my child? Bullets are colorblind, bullets don’t discriminate, they go right through Black and Whites and everything in between. Doing something after you’ve buried your child, it’s too late! It’s got to be now! The Second Amendment was written when people were using muskets and one shot round bullets. These were the most inaccurate guns and bullets in history. There was a huge chance that you would miss your target and hope the pop scared them off. If you didn’t run it took another 15 to 30 seconds to reload!

These guns today like the AR15 can shoot like a hundred bullets in that time with ten times the power and accuracy. So that barrel aimed at those children in my mind makes me so angry and so sad at the same time.

More than 60% of Americans support gun reform in this country, age limits from 18 to 21 to own any gun, that should be the law. I can’t even see my 18 year old holding a gun. He didn’t grow up like I did on the toughest streets in America, New York city in the 80’s. He’s a gamer and works at Polo in the mall. His best friends are his cousins and brothers, a little cool yet nerd crew. I love them all and would lay down my life for theirs. So who but the almighty himself can take my child’s life because he’s having a fit? Even then I have to ask God why face to face when I get there and I think I deserve an answer. It’s 19 children with cool nerdy friends and family, little boys and girls with their hair in their eyes and smiles that light up a room and our hearts. This has got to stop, and at the end of the day they treat these murderers with white gloves. The officers didn’t even kill this last gunman a citizen did. A border patrol agent put that work in. Officers dropped the ball and may be facing a class action lawsuit by the parents. This should have never happened again. Texas officials should be ashamed of themselves. First you clear the way for open carry and no ID required when purchasing a gun. Then you want to be “fake upset” about it on camera like you'll going to do something about it. They all deserve the Oscar for best supporting actors. Problem is this is not a movie and there is no price or old fart gun club could ever make it ok or be excused for the killing of innocent Children. The blood of these beautiful little girls and boys are on your hands, Republican Party, and it starts from the old cheese burger eating Orange top. I titled this Blog “Living to die In America” and. How sad is it that there are so many people across the globe dying to live in America. The “not”so greatest country in the world. The military was created to protect us from foreign enemies, I served to do just that. Seems to me we need more protection from ourselves. We kill more Americans including women and children than any foreign entity ever did, ain’t that a pip?

P.S. To the parents of those precious victims of Robb Elementary my heart go’s out to you and your families. I’m so sorry for your loss and may God help you find peace someday… Oz

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Elle Charles
Elle Charles
Jun 01, 2022

Just a couple days before I had been in Texas and my Lyft driver mentioned to me he had to tell his young daughter going to a ball game to always be aware of her exits in case of an active shooter. It hurts so much that this is the new normal. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be a parent rn.

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