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Marijuana & Movies

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Hello my people and even more so my movie buffs! Today I want to talk about two things that are near and dear to my heart, marijuana and movies. So let me start by saying that I, have been a movie buff since I was a child. Since the first time I realized that a movie was exactly that “a movie”. What I mean by that is, when I was kid, I used to watch movies like they were real, like everything I was watching was really happening in real life. I would sit there in total amazement watching everything from action, drama, horror, and comedies. I could recite scenes from some of my favorites at the drop of a hat and still can, till this day. Then one day it hit me, I was watching the movie Gold Finger a James Bond favorite of mine. I realized that during the Fountain Blue Hotel scene where Gold Finger was cheating at a game of cards by the pool. I said to myself “wait a minute, this is all not real” there are people yelling “cut!” A film crew and the music and sounds played a huge role in what I felt and reacted to in these movies. At that moment I realized that this has to be the most amazing job in the world and I aspired to become an actor. Ironically as I became an adult I got into acting. (See me Play Omar on Loving Till It Hurts on Amazon Prime) among other roles and commercials. Fast forward and literally thousands of movies later I realized that some of my favorite movies are about marijuana. How’s that for ironic? I’m now in both industries today. Some of the funniest and greatest movies ever are about weed! Movies like the Friday franchises, Half baked, Up In Smoke, Pineapple Express, and Savages Just to name a few, have become so influential over the years you would have to be living under a rock not to know these movies. These movies have generated billions of dollars worldwide and have become a staple in the marijuana community. I mean if you haven’t seen some of the movies I’ve previously mentioned and better yet seen them high, you have deprived yourself of some of the greatest laughs of your life. Crazy true story... In 1998 I was sitting in an apartment with one of the most famous video vixens in the game at the time and I mean huge. She’s done videos with DMX, Wu Tang, Biggie, Jagged edge and the list goes on and on. I was sitting with her alone in an apartment smoking and watching Half Baked. As we were watching the movie she kept hinting to me about going in the bedroom, little flirty words here and there, compliments on what I was wearing, my kicks, my hair etc. she just kept on saying little things that aimed towards the bedroom. I was so high and so zapped into the movie it all went right over my head! I’m over here cracking up totally oblivious to her advances. It wasn’t till later when the homies showed up looking at us with that “What were you two doing? ” look on their faces that I realized WTF? I just sat here for almost 2 hours and didn’t even think about making a move on this chick while she was literally throwing herself at me. Talk about a dumbed out moment! I regret that moment till this day! Smh. I mean she was right there wearing a skimpy little outfit looking like more than just a snack . She was a three course meal. And I didn’t even move from my spot on that couch... talk about a real Mr. Potato Head! Damn, it kills me to even think about it! So the moral of the story is. When smoking, Netflix and chilling, focus on the “Chilling” part if you know what I mean? Anyway the point is if it wasn’t for some of the greatest marijuana based movies in the past and present. The marijuana movement could not and would not be as huge, lucrative and medically advantageous as it is today! The day is coming ya’ll I promise you, when marijuana will be federally legal nationwide. So just sit back grab a bag of popcorn and watch the movie unfold in real life! (Get it)? - Oz.

Here is a link to some great marijuana movies, enjoy.


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