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Purple Runtz

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

What is Purple Runtz?

No matter where you live, or how often you smoke weed, the chances are that you have heard about Purple Runtz. But, while you may have heard of it, you may be unsure what this cannabis strain is exactly, and just why it is so famous. Purple Runtz is a hybrid strain of weed that is enjoying immense popularity right now. But, the question on everyone’s lips is what is Purple Runtz, and is it worth a try?...

The Runtz strains have been popular for a while and first hit the scene in 2018, and in the few years since it arrived it has enjoyed an incredible level of fame and popularity. This strain from Southern California has been in demand ever since it was introduced and is now popular and coveted almost everywhere. First came the OG Runtz strain, but since 2018, Runtz has come a long way. From rap songs to internet buzz, Runtz is widely spoken about. One of the newer Runtz strains, Purple Runtz, is especially popular right now, and this is a trend that looks set to continue. If you are curious about this new strain and want to know more, you have come to the right place. Here we will take a closer look at what Purple Runtz is, why it is so popular, and what you can expect when you smoke it.

Do you feel like you are missing out on all the buzz around Purple Runtz? Don’t worry, you will find out everything you need to know right here. Read on to learn more about this popular strain of weed, and discover whether it is one to add to your shopping list on your next trip to the dispensary.

What Strain is Purple Runtz?

While you may have heard Purple Runtz spoken about a lot, it is actually a pretty rare strain of weed. But, before we dive into explaining more about Purple Runtz’s strain, it is helpful to first give a little background into the two varieties of the cannabis plant. Understanding the differences between the strains will provide you with a better idea of what to expect from smoking Purple Runtz.

Cannabis Sativa

There are two main varieties of cannabis, known as Sativa and Indica. Cannabis Sativa originates from Southeastern Asia, Western Asia, Central America, and Africa. Still, since this herb is now cultivated by growers around the world, you can now find it growing right across the globe. Thanks to a high limonene content, cannabis Sativa is generally considered to deliver a high and to be an uplifting cannabis strain. So, basically, most people can expect to see their mood elevated when they smoke weed with a high Sativa content. This uplifting effect means that many people use cannabis with a high Sativa content during the daytime rather than at night to avoid being kept awake. Generally, Sativa strains contain a high level of THC and a lower level of CBD.

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is indigenous to Turkey, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. Indica strains grow faster than that of Sativa, making them easier to cultivate. Sativa marijuana also usually delivers a higher yield, as each Sativa plant produces more buds than the Indica plant. Most people using Indica experience a pleasant, relaxing effect on their bodies. As well as being relaxing, Indica is also believed to provide relief from pain and increase appetite while also providing relief from nausea. Indica delivers a high level of CBD, but this does not always mean that the THC level is lower. Most Indica users prefer to use this strain at night. This is because it delivers a relaxing effect, that may be too much for the daytime.

As a hybrid strain of Indica and Sativa, Purple Runtz has been carefully cultivated to deliver specific benefits for the user. Carefully selecting a combination of parent plants allows growers to control the THC content of their new strain, as well as the flavor combination that it delivers.

What is interesting about the two different cannabis plants is that each variety of cannabis plants has different effects on the body. People that use Sativa experience a head high, as it alters their mental state. Sativa can leave you feeling less stressed, as it helps relieve anxiety and ease tension. Sativa is also believed to increase creativity and focus for some people. The other variety of cannabis is known as Indica. Indica is believed to affect the body more than the mind. This means that Indica weed is more likely to make you feel really relaxed and make you feel more sleepy.

Purple Runtz is a hybrid strain of weed that is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This means that it delivers a high that affects you both mentally and physically. This perfect balance between Indica and Sativa makes Purple Runtz ideal for anyone that wants to experience a combination of mental effects, such as anxiety relief, and physical effects, such as relaxation.

Purple Runtz is a hybrid strain of weed and is made from a mix of two popular strains from the Cookies family. Gelato and Zkittlez are both known for their relaxing properties, so it is no surprise that Purple Runtz has a stress-relieving effect on many people.

What Flavor Does Purple Runtz Have?

Purple Runtz delivers a fruity flavor that is also as sweet as candy. These flavors are a trait that the Runtz strain has inherited from its ‘parent plants,’ Gelato and Zkittlez. These two strains from the Cookies family are known for their sweet, fruity taste, so it is no surprise that as a hybrid of the two, Runtz also offers a sweet and fruity flavor.

As well as offering a super sweet, fruity flavor, Purple Runtz has undertones of a woody, gassy flavor. These come from these flavors are produced by the combination of terpenes found in the Runtz strain. There are three main terpenes present in Purple Runtz. These are linalool, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. It is the high limonene content that is present in the Purple Runtz strain that is most noticeable. The limonene helps to deliver the distinctive aroma that instantly hits you when using Purple Runtz.

The sweet and fruity flavors of Purple Runtz, combined with its creamy, smooth smoke, deliver a pleasurable smoking experience. It is this experience that has helped Purple Runtz, and the entire Runtz strain to become so popular.

What Does Purple Runtz Look Like?

Purple Runtz has thick bushy buds and is instantly recognizable due to its distinctive coloring. Other strains of Runtz feature the same bushy buds, but the colors of the bud vary depending on the specific strain.

While the appearance of Purple Runtz weed may be pretty distinctive, it is its aroma that most people recognize first. The fruity, sweet flavor reminds many people of candy, with a hint of woodiness and diesel in the background.

How Does Purple Runtz Make You Feel?

While many cannabis strains deliver a powerful high that can leave you feeling energized and motivated, Purple Runtz has a more calming effect. Many Purple Runtz users feel giggly and euphoric after smoking it. Purple Runtz can also bring out your creative side. Purple Runtz is powerful and delivers high levels of THC. For a new smoker, the flavor and level of THC in Purple Runtz may be a little much.

The effects of Purple Runtz can be long-lasting, so it is worth being aware of this before you smoke it. This potent strain of cannabis often delivers effects that last for several hours, so knowing this is important.

What are Purple Runtz’s THC Levels?

The THC levels in Purple Runtz are pretty high, and it is one of the most powerful Runtz strains. The average THC level of Purple Runtz is between 20% to 26%. This high level of THC means that Purple Runtz is not recommended for first-time or beginner users, as this level may be too powerful. More experienced users that are looking for a powerful high will find Purple Runtz an ideal choice.

If you want to give the Runtz strain a try but don’t want such a powerful high, choosing White Runtz is an ideal alternative. White Runtz has an average THC level of 19% to 21%, which also makes it more suitable for new users.

Why is Everyone Talking About Purple Runtz?

So, now you know more about Purple Runtz, you should have a better idea about why so many people love it. Let’s break it down a little more and explore why everyone is talking about Purple Runtz right now.

Scarcity breeds demand, and this principle was perfectly demonstrated when Runtz was first launched back in 2018. At the time of its launch, Runtz was only available in Southern California, and the Runtz brand was featured in dozens of rap songs. This combination of the Runtz name being featured in lyrics gave the brand the social influence needed to drive demand. The scarcity of the Runtz product only helped to fuel this demand further. This left the original growers unable to keep up with the demand for their weed. After becoming part of the Cookies franchise, Runtz was more widely distributed. This increased availability enabled all those smokers that had been excited by the buzz around Runtz the opportunity to try it for themselves.

Luckily, when those smokers were able to try Runtz for themselves, it did not disappoint. Runtz users fell in love with the weed’s distinctive fruity flavor. The success of the OG Runtz led to the brand releasing new variations, and Purple Runtz was one of them.

Despite being around for a few years now, the demand for Runtz remains high. When new strains of Runtz are introduced, such as Purple Runtz, excitement builds, and everyone wants to try it. All the hype around Purple Runtz seems to be deserved, with smokers loving its flavor and the effects of this potent strain of cannabis.

Is Purple Runtz Right For You?

Hearing Purple Runtz spoken about everywhere, from the lyrics of rap songs to viral posts online, may have left you feeling like you are missing out on something very special. Purple Runtz is popular for a good reason. Users of Purple Runtz love the flavor that it offers and, of course, the effect it has on them. The combination of Sativa and Indica strains blends to create a perfect combination of creativity and focus, coupled with feelings of calm and stress relief. With all these positive traits going for it, it is little wonder that Purple Runtz is so popular.

Like all things, something other people love may not work so well for you. If you have been smoking weed for a while, you should find that Purple Runtz delivers all the positive feelings that you expect from this coveted strain. People that are used to smoking weed will also enjoy the smoking experience and the creamy texture offered by this hybrid strain. But, for novice smokers, the higher levels of THC in this Runtz strain may feel a little too much and may seem overpowering. But, for everyone else, the strong THC hit provided by Purple Runtz will feel like

a massive positive. ..

Where can You Buy Purple Runtz?

If you are looking for the best places to buy Purple Runtz, you have come to the right place. Here at Cigalar, we stock every kind of cannabis product you can imagine, and then some. So, whether you are looking for something new for your next smoke or want to stick with an old favorite, you will find it here.

Take a look at our popular OG Runtz for a pleasant smoking experience with a sweet, fruity flavor layered with those hints of gasoline and woody musk that every Runtz smoker loves.


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