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War! What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Hello people, hope all is well. As you can see by the title of this blog it’s not about cannabis this time. I just have to get this off my chest and maybe enlighten some people at the same time. Russia invades Ukraine. Probably the most stupid thing Putin could ever do! He might as well have shot himself in the foot. Honestly, that would have literally been a better decision than attacking Ukraine. Its 2022 the days of invading other countries for land and territory are long gone. The days of Genghis Khan invading the entire Asian peninsula creating the largest empire in human history, or Adolph Hitler attacking the eastern hemisphere for the simple fact that he wanted a nation of Arians In 1939 are done. Back then the world was so disconnected. Whatever happened over on that side of the world barely if any affected this side. Most things remained the same as war was raging in Europe during WWII and Asia during the Vietnam war. Fast forward to this new age of the world wide web. As time went by the advancements in technology have now connected all of us across the world. People that never traveled or spoke to anyone of a different culture or of a different part of the world, could now communicate not only verbally but visually as well. As social media and mainstream media intertwine, we’re all able to appreciate the everyday lives of other people more than ever before. We’re able to laugh, cry and comment on all types of new, interesting, silly, and sometimes tragic situations and experiences that affect humanity. This has allowed us to become more compassionate towards our fellow man. The younger generation is not about war and invasion. That’s the furthest thing from their minds and the older generation is just tired and too busy for the nonsense of the ignorant dictators of the world still stuck in a mind set of total domination of their people, which brings us back to this Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin attacks a small democratic country for the purpose of what? Getting access to the black sea? Or keeping them from joining N.A.T.O. and in the process alienates himself and his people both economically and socially. What was he thinking? This man seems to have forgotten that the whole world is watching. It’s like trying to commit a crime in a surveillance store. Hey idiot we’re watching you! So now with the world being connected in pretty much every way, his actions affects us all. Financial markets are out of wack. Gas prices are skyrocketing, the banking system for innocent Russians just trying to live, work and feed their families are closed. The Ukrainians are dodging missiles and so far 1.5 million refugees have fled their homeland seeking refuge in other neighboring countries. Men women and children on both sides are affected. Parents are losing their children and children are losing their parents. These soldiers are made up of mostly 19 year olds and young men in their 20’s. They’re children themselves in the prime of their lives with hopes and dreams for a better future and now their lives have been snuffed out for the power hungry ambitions of a small filthy rich man sitting in an ivory tower behind a ridiculously huge desk eating beluga whale caviar. While innocent people are dying every day. ( I bet his own children are far away from the front lines of this senseless invasion ) So I ask again! War, what is it good for? Answer, absolutely nothing! Humbly yours - Oz


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