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Our new Edible Cannabis  Coconut Oil is the latest addition to our Cigalar Brand line of THC edible products. Adding our cannabis infused Coconut oil is great for any recipe you might want to spruce up for that euphoric experience your looking for.


This 7oz. jar of enduced buttery coconut oil makes any dish some kind of special! Using 7% cannabis extract and 93% pure organic coconut oil, we manage to create a blend of -Auto Jack Herer, Qc Gold 2.0, Ak39, Auto Glue Gelato and Free Auto Gelato to deliver a delayed sence of relaxation that will start to take you away. 


Whether sharing delectable homemade treats with that special  someone  or just having fun entertaining friends! Introduce our Coconut  Butter Oil and we'll do the rest! ...

THC Coconut Oil Butter 7oz Bundle Pack (3 Pack)


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