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Let’s talk trays. Having your rolling tools on-hand and ready-to-roll is a great feeling. We chose to elevate this feeling even further by designing the perfect pocket-size, easy-glide rolling tray. Once you see your ground-up-flower sliding down these beauties, you’ll be a fan for life. 


As a Cigalar brand exclusive, we’ll be selling some of the most creative, valuable, and visually alluring trays in the game today. On a regular basis, we'll release two different tiers of limited edition trays, each with their own unique ID, that we will buy back from you for $1000 and $5000, respectively, exactly 10 years from release. These limited edition trays will be finite in number, each bearing their own unique ID, preventing fraudulent copies. Make sure to be on the lookout, and snag yours when you can. When Cigalar evolves, you level up!


Rolling Tray


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