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  • Hybrid strain
  • Tastes of vanilla bean, ice cream, and classic pine
  • Leaves smokers feeling positive and giggly
  • Dominant terpene is caryophyllene


Amongst the most popular and famous of the hybrids, there are few names as sweet as that of the Cookies & Cream Strain, and it has the reputation to go along with that name, as well.


This hybrid comes by way of crossing Starfighter with a still unknown GSC phenotype and is immediately noticeable for the sweet notes as soon as you open a bag.


Beyond its sweet taste, however, it's well-loved for a long-lasting and relaxing high that can even help you ease your way into a blissful sleep.


Given the name, it should be no surprise that this award-winning hybrid comes right out the gate with a triple threat of sweet scents, bringing notes of vanilla bean, ice cream, and a little of the classic cannabis pine just beneath it.


This is a popular choice amongst those who are using it to ease pain and stress, as it is well known for its positive high, spreading the good vibes and even leading to a little bit of giggliness.


Keep smoking, and this Cookies & Cream Strain  can lead to a relaxing and pleasant body high, one that has sent more than one person off to the land of nod.


Cookies & Cream