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  • Designed for dabbing
  • High THC concentrate
  • Recommended for those with high THC tolerance
  • Also known as honey wax
  • High quality guaranteed


An extract of THC in one of its most potent consumable forms, Crumble Wax is made using a solvent like many concentrates but comes in a crumbly form rather than a liquid, hence its name.


One of the immediately noticeable things about this concentrate is, indeed, that crumbly, waxy form. It might look edible but this is designed for dabbing, made from trimmed and cured nugs and refined down to a very potent THC mix that is getting increasingly popular amongst those who enjoy using cannabis.


There are different ways to consume wax crumble, depending on your preferences. Sometimes, it is used to reinforce blunts or joints, with small pieces being added to it, or even to roll up tobacco cigarettes for a more potent high than smoking the bud alone.


Otherwise, you can choose to dab with it, which involved placing it inside a specialized bong, where a heating element melts and evaporates the wax into a very potent smoke. There are vape rigs for sale so you can make sure that you're getting everything you need for the smoke experience you're after.


One factor about wax crumble is that it is a very potent and strong form of THC, distilled down to ensure a purity of product that produces a much stronger high. As such, it's recommended for those who have a high tolerance already, and new users are recommended to take it slow and light, to begin with, for the best high.



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