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  • Indica Dominant
  • Uplifting and Relaxing
  • Vanilla and Sugary Dough Taste
  • Citrus Scent


A delicious strain made by combining Wedding Cake with Gelato #3, it's not hard to see where Ice Cream Cake got both its name and its namesake. This unique strain combines sweet flavour profiles, giving hints of creamy vanilla and sugary dough that will satiate the needs of anyone with a sweet tooth.


It is roughly 75% indica and 25% sativa. But how does this indica dominant strain perform? Well, when you try it out, you can expect sedatory sensations. It kicks off with a rapid onset, giving a sense of euphoria, uplift and a cerebral rush. It's ideal for those with overactive minds, as it provides positive uplift followed by a real sense of ease.


Once you hit a state of feel good, care free joy, you'll slip into a slow and creeping, full body high. You may hear people explaining how they feel couch-locked state that they don't want to shift out of.


It's for this reason that most users opt to use this strain before bed to wind down and relax, or during times they don't really have to be anywhere or do anything. In terms of scent, you'll quickly pick up a delectable citrus overtone.


Some would refer to the scent as having an orange aroma, mixed with a little cinnamon. If you have a particularly strong sense of smell, you may be able to detect a hint of lavender too.


With THC levels ranging from 20% to 25%, this may not be suitable for all beginners. It's a firm favourite amongst more experienced users, but if you are a newbie and do want to give it a try, exercise caution and ease into small doses to start.

Ice Cream Cake


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