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  • An Indica-leaning strain famous for inducing profound relaxation and sleepiness
  • Contains THC, producing a mild, natural high
  • Has unknown origins: nobody is quite sure where Pluto came from
  • Blueberry flavor with notes of violet and berry
  • A favorite among cannabis connoisseurs


The Pluto strain has remarkable looks and makes you feel like you’re floating carefree through the outer solar system. This multicolored kush is a real crowd favorite, thanks to its relaxing effects and pleasant aroma.


Pluto is an indica-leaning hybrid with an unusual history. At present, nobody is quite sure where it came from. Its provenance is apparently unknown. The main effect of taking Pluto Kush is feeling sleepy.


Users experience “debilitating drowsiness” – a good thing if you ask us. Taking this herb melts all your troubles away and lets you slip into a deep slumber. Users report that the herb helps them deal with stress, anxiety, and pain.


Of course, like other strains, Pluto has multiple effects on the body and mind. Containing THC, many users report feeling euphoric after taking it. It can also lead to the munchies, so make sure that you have something to eat nearby during a session.


Blueberry is Pluto’s primary flavor. However, people with sensitive palates can usually detect violet and berry, too. The herb’s fluffy and pungent flowers emit a strong aroma but many users are prepared to accept this in return for its powerful medicinal properties.


Indica connoisseurs will appreciate that Pluto Kush offers something a little different from regular strains. The sleep-inducing effects are powerful, and it also addresses other physical concerns.


Furthermore, the mystery surrounding the strain makes it one to try. Without genetic testing, nobody is quite sure where it came from or why it has the unique effects that it does. It’s really intriguing.



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