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New Amsterdam

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Hello people. It’s a new week and a new adventure in cannabis, as we move forward in what seems to be an inevitable path to federally legalizing marijuana. Those of us in the industry are looking around and seeing the signs everywhere. In my travels I see marijuana products on and behind counters at not only dispensaries and smoke shops, but Bodegas (corner stores) gas stations, spas, medical recovery centers, hookah bars, pop ups, concerts, trade shows etc. Even cannabis trucks rolling by like Mr.Softee in the city. It seems that everywhere you turn marijuana products are becoming more and more readily available on literally every corner. I say that, to say this. Boy, times have changed.

I remember years ago I flew up to New York from Florida to catch up with my boys and hang out to do some New York Sh*%. So we all got together in the old neighborhood and gathered on the corner like we used to. Now, back then marijuana was nowhere near legal, not for a second. Me coming back up from Florida, I’m in a Florida State of mind. Actually, my barbershop in Florida mindset where we would just go to the back of the shop roll one and spark up, no big deal. So I’m in New York, at the time we’re all in our early to mid 30’s... grown ass men! I’m talking real goons with names Like D-Nice, Supreme, Powerful, Tyborn, Woody Black, real goons ya’ know. So here I am chilling and they pass me the blunt on the low...but me in my Florida mindset, I just grab the blunt and I’m smoking without a care in the world... I’m practically holding the blunt in the air puffing away like nobody’s business. Then I hear Yo! Yo! Oz what you doing brah! I’m like “what!? what!?” I’m looking around like what am I doing wrong? D-Nice and the rest of the guys are all nervous. He’s like “hold that down brah! Then I realized what I was doing wrong. I’m smoking weed out in the public like it was a cigarette lol smh!

Fast forward to today. Today In New York City and pretty much every city in America you can openly smoke weed walking down the street, shoulder to shoulder with a cop and nothing will happen. How do I know? I just did it this weekend in Times Square! In Times Square there are weed trucks like i mentioned above. parked on the corner like hot dog vendors selling weed flower, THC gummies, disposable vapes, edibles you name it they got it. Bars you walk into order a drink, walk to the back and smoke a joint. You can pass weed to each other in front of the police hand to hand and its all good. You can sit and smoke outside the local eatery without raising an eyebrow! Same thing go’s for Florida, well some parts of Florida! We're sitting outside and showing our guys different strains like Banana Runtz, Bubba kush , Raspberry kush, Wedding cake, Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Zoap, All Gas, Strawberry Cough, mimosa, etc.

Now we have an NYC dispensary... a freakin dispensary for crying out loud! We couldn’t even smoke a blunt years ago, without worrying about going to jail. I’ve since started calling New York, New Amsterdam. The marijuana movement has come so far there is no way to turn back now. Marijuana and hemp based products have now become part of the mainstream. People are not just using these products for recreational use, but for real medical and mental issues like pain and stress relief, anxiety, depression, glaucoma, autism, and seizers. It’s reached a point where they can’t take away these medical marijuana products, they help too many people and too many ailments. Some of the biggest doctors and medical agencies have all vouched for and or use marijuana products to treat patients. Request for marijuans products like oils, edibles, vapes, disposables, medical marijuana in pill form, hemp based lotions, tinctures, the list go’s on and on. Let’s not forget Delta-8, CBD and of course medical marijuana flower have gone through the roof.

So at the end of the day there is only one way to go when it comes to cannabis in America. That way is only forward towards the future. I’m excited to be part of the industry and what it has to hold not only for myself but maybe for something that I can leave for my children if they want it. Who knows? Maybe they will make some sort of new discovery or open up a spot in a major way someday in New Amsterdam.

I just want to say to those of you who smoke or just dabble in the edibles, whatever floats your boat or gets you flying high. Make sure to get out and vote for the federal legalization of cannabis every time it pops up on the ballot. And Vote for those you know are on the side righteousness for a flower that helps people for real.

It’s a new world and the road to federal legalization has already been paved. We are already traveling on it. We just want to speed up a little bit without having to worry about getting pulled over and arrested. Just give me my ticket and let me go!...Oz

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